What Do Teachers Need to Know About Time Management

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The study aims to establish whether or not stress and poor time management have an adverse effect on student achievement, also the study was led by Dr. Amy Farr, an educational psychologist at the University of Maryland. This is of course an important issue, as most people agree that students need time to absorb information. It is therefore important for teachers to set reasonable expectations for the amount of time students are expected to spend absorbing material. If there is pressure placed on them to meet this target, they will most likely be more distracted and less able to absorb the information in the classroom.

First Part of The Study

The first part of the study looked at whether students were more productive when under stress. They were also asked about the way they perceived their teacher’s behavior, such as whether he or she was easy to communicate with, fair with deadlines and supportive. After this, the students were divided into two groups. One group was asked to keep a journal of all the things that occurred during the lesson and kept notes on what they thought were the most important points. The other group was given a list of the most important points.

Then, a third group was tested for good time management skills, along with their perceptions of the teacher and his behavior. This third group then completed a timed test. Those who had good time management skills showed better performance in the test than those with poor time management skills.


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Another group was asked to do the same thing, but this time without any direction from the teacher. They were then asked to make a list of the things they thought were important. Those who had poor time management skills did worse than those with good time management skills in this condition.

Another group was asked to write down all of the things they remembered about the lesson, and all of the aspects of the lesson. Those who had good time management skills performed better than those with poor time management skills in this test.

In the last group, the teacher was again present and there was no supervision. The results were even more encouraging. Those who had poor time management skills outperformed those with good time management skills by a significant margin.


In summary, it seems that when teachers take time to learn and plan, their students will learn faster. than those with bad time management skills.

It may be hard to think about how much you have to do when you are a teacher, but the task is important. The best teachers know that they are responsible for the quality of their students’ learning. They know that time is very valuable and they want it to be used effectively.

It doesn’t always come easy, though. Some teachers may have to work a lot harder than others, especially if they are dealing with some difficult students. If you’re a teacher, it’s worth it to take the time to learn time management skills, just as it’s worth it to know your students.

It’s also a good idea to set a standard for yourself. When you are teaching, you need to understand what motivates students, what works, what does not work and how to better your students’ time and performance.


I know teachers who have developed an entire course around it, and their students love it! It really helps them to learn. The bottom line is that good time management techniques can be learned, if you are willing to learn and use them.

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