Universal Time Management: A Universal Concept

We’re hoping that the title caught your attention. Just a little bit of comparison with words that equate to “universal.”  Why are doing this? To make certain that you and I understand time management is, in fact, universal. By “universal,” we mean that it’s absolutely, a hundred percent, without a doubt, for everybody… anywhere.

Universal Time Management: A Universal Concept

Universal Time Management: It’s For EVERYBODY

Sometimes, all it takes is a little less excuse and more acceptance of reality. I know, that’s a bit of an in-your-face statement. Don’t worry, it wasn’t directed only to you. It’s directed to me, too, and to all of us who are trying time and time again to get into the habit of being better at time management, and yet fail because of some excuse or another.

Furthermore, you and I should realize that the idea and the practice of time management are, just as the title of this post suggests, for everybody. It isn’t one that’s reserved for people who are in management positions. It isn’t one that’s only for businesspeople handling their own or businesses. Additionally, it isn’t just for those who juggle more than one job at a time.

Time Management Techniques Are Tailor-Fit To Individuals, But Time Management Is Universal

To be redundantly repetitious about it, it’s for you and me, and everyone else who wants to make their every day productive and time-conserving than time-wasting. That’s right, it’s for those who want to start working smarter and stop procrastinating. For those who want to stop giving in to the call of laziness and lack of will power to finish a task.

So then you might be asking the question: “ Why does it seem like only those in management positions have a good grip on their time management?” “Why don’t I?” Maybe that assumption is way too general. Although it is safe to note that most who work on that professional level do seem to have things in order more often than not.

Is It Doomsday Then? What About You And Me?

It all starts with perspective and will power, no matter what profession you’re in. No matter your “level” as well in said profession. Stop thinking, “oh I’m only a (fill in the parenthesis) so I won’t be efficient in this time management thing.” You’ve already made the best first step of all. You acknowledge that you need help keeping your tasks on track and staying productive.

Second, let’s get to “you.” You have to let go of the mentioned stereotypes above. They won’t help you. Not now. Not ever. Make it a mantra, a chant to get you going right when you’re about to start your day. “Time management is for me and I need to get my act together.” Somewhat direct but better that than too sugarcoated.

Third, create good habits. Habits that involve prioritizing work, setting breaks in between (and sticking to them, no over-breaks), using timers, etc. There other posts on this site that divulge more on said practices which you’ll find very easy to follow, and practical.

Universal Time Management: A Universal Concept

The Conclusion

This isn’t rocket science. However, it DOES need a lot of will power and follow-through. And these two ideas are controllable only by you. YOU are the key, as cheesy (corny, you name it)as that sounds. Thus, it means that the thing, or person, rather, who’s in the way of you achieving complete success in handling time and organizing your tasks is none other than yourself.

You are both the roadblock and the cleared path. Of course, it’s the first you should always avoid. That’s a no-brainer. 

Finally, you seriously need to cease making excuses for yourself. If you take so many hours stuck on Netflix, or on Instagram (and other social media), then you’ve got the answer right there. A reason why executives have their shizzle together is that they don’t have time for those shenanigans. They literally don’t. Therefore, their schedules are totally devoted to their work.

To Each, His Or Her Own

I’m not saying you scrap them completely out of your system. Even I love watching movies and getting into music. You and I need to put a limit on these. You should, and yes, “should”, set a particular number of hours for your Netflix-ing and other forms of entertainment. As for social media, give yourself a set of rules, one including how you shouldn’t check your phone between ___ to ___, and will do that during breaks.

It’s your call. Remember, time management is for everybody and you can achieve success at it, too. Go ahead and start the habit. Watch it change it your life!

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