Time Management Tools For Teachers – How To Do It Right

time management tools for teachers

Being a teacher is one handful of jobs. A teacher not only has to impart knowledge to children but they also need to check their answer sheets, work in collaboration with other teachers, and organize events and seminars. These can be very hectic and time consuming for the teachers. But there is a solution to every problem. Time management tools for teachers are a solution to this problem. Many apps are available that helps to efficiently manage time and work smoothly.

Time Management Tools For Teachers – Toodledo

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This app is excellent for organizing various tasks, setting goals, and tracking the completion of tasks. This is one of the time management tools for teachers that helps to organize huge information easily and efficiently. This app lets the user arrange data by categorizing the folders and lists them on the level of priority. This helps is saving a lot of time as the manual arrangement of work is decreased. It also lets the user attach documents and include notes with each task. This helps the teacher to not forget any additional information. It also allows setting reminders for time-sensitive tasks. It comes as a free version but there are paid subscriptions for extra features like storage. This app can be used while working in groups.

Time Management Tools For Teachers – Trello

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This is another app for arranging a large number of tasks and make schedules. This is one of many time management tools for teachers that help in collaborating. It is an online tool and it needs the internet for working. It has a very beautiful user interface and is very creative. This app is available for PCs and mobile phones. It allows making lists with checkboxes. It tells about the progress of completion of task in percentage. It also allows making labels and set priorities for different tasks. The teacher can change its appearance according to needs and make it look more attractive. This gives the motivation to complete work on time. With the labeling of tasks, it is easy to identify important tasks and work on them. The Trello board, lists, and charts are very flexible to arrange.

Time Management Tools For Teachers – Focus Keeper

This is one of the time management tools for teachers that works on the principle of dividing large amounts of work into manageable chunks of time. This tool can increase the productivity of teachers as they have to work continuously for hours and will avoid burning out. This app works on tasks in 25-minute increments and gives five-minute breaks in between. This app is really helpful for teachers who have to grade a humongous number of answer sheets and can prove to be the best time management tool for teachers. This app also helps to reduce exhaustion and bitterness caused by it.


This is one of the time management tools for teachers that not only allows them to make the schedule and arrange tasks but also allows them to interact while working in groups. It is a very useful app for collaborating on projects. Working together sometimes can be more time consuming than working alone. This app allows to share links, have video chats and organize materials in one place. In this way, it makes an efficient timetable and the teacher will not have to sort through emails, texts, documents, and spreadsheets a take notes of what is to be done. In this app, keywords can be searched which makes finding a document very fast. It is available in a basic plan but the paid plan has more features.

Time Management Tools For Teachers – Todoist

This is another time management tool for teachers that allows organizing tasks. This app is auto synchronized can be accessed anywhere at any time. This makes collaborating on this app beneficial. It can be linked to other apps like calendar, amazon Alexa, zappier, etc. It has inbuilt templates to kickstart working and product visualizations.


A number of time management tools for teachers are available on the internet. Even the basic free versions of such apps are very useful to work with. These apps not only saves time but also energy spent on wasteful things. They increase productivity and teach the value of time. They can be used by other people as well.

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