Time Management Technique – A Popular Time Management Technique To Use

popular time-management tool or technique

One of the most popular time-management tools or techniques used by most people today is the whiteboard technique. Most people utilize this popular technique in order to help them keep track of their daily progress. However, even though most people have been taught how to use the whiteboard effectively, it is still possible for many of them to select one wrong answer or two in order to get the correct answer. This article will be showing you how to select the most effective answer when you are trying to use the whiteboard technique with the constraint diagrams technique.

Match Your Answer With The Keyword Of Topic

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To begin with, you need to know that the answer that you are providing on your whiteboard should match with the keyword that you have used as a topic of discussion. For example, if you are using the word “amount”, you should select one of the three possibilities: larger amount, smaller amount and fixed amount. If you use the word “percentage” as your topic, you should select one of the three options: large percentage, small percentage and fixed percentage. When it comes to the next question, you have to make sure that both the upper and the lower range of your selected percentage are equal to 100%. Otherwise, it is better to select one of the two options.

Select The Proper Shape For Your List

The next step is to select the proper shape for your list. In case you use the standard rectangular list, you should choose the list option that has the vertical alignment. As a result, you can easily see the items on your list. Many people believe that the ideal option is the circle list, but this option can often confuse project managers. If you are using a normal rectangular list, the general guideline is to position your list at the center of the diagram.

Provide Some Information On The List

After selecting the appropriate shape, you should provide some information on the list. This information serves as the preview of what is being written. For example, you can include the date, who is responsible for writing the project and a bit more. If you want, you can indicate the purpose of the list. If you want, you can also indicate the tasks associated with the list.

Once you complete the preview, you can simply type the text of the list on the appropriate place within the project schedule. At the same time, you can highlight the items for which you are responsible. In addition, you can type the description for the tasks associated with each item.


A time-management technique is often very useful. It is particularly useful if you are a person who is always on the go. If you want to ensure that you do not waste your time, you should try using such techniques.

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