Time Management Review: Review Your Day

Review your day. One thing that’s just as important as the rest of the steps before it. Yet, it’s also the one thing people miss out on more often than not. Reviewing. There’s always good in checking, double-checking, and even triple-checking the work you’ve done, along with your task schedule.

Time Management Review: Review Your Day

If Santa checks his list twice, and his list includes names from across the globe, you can definitely do a double-take on your own.

Review Your Day: Check It Twice, And Twice More

Okay, so maybe referencing the jolly, red-cheeked gift-giver wasn’t the way you expected this post to start with. Come on, the holidays had just passed and holiday cheer and spirit should never be fixed only in a season. So yes, this is a step that’s not to be missed.

Otherwise, everything you’ve done, from creating an organized schedule, a task list, following-up on them, keeping a good workout regimen, preparing meals that have healthy foods to boost productivity, buying products and using apps and software to enhance your task-handling (wow, that’s a lengthy list)… all these will be… amiss… without reviewing them.

A More Personalized Approach

I know that the concept and the understanding of proper time management, and what it implies in your daily life shouldn’t be made as though it were this daunting examination you need to pass. Because if you don’t, your paper will be marked with Failure. Not at all.

Time Management Is A Simple And Practical Concept

Time management, the right kind, is absolutely doable. And it’s definitely possible for you to do it. Right now, you’ve already read so many of our posts and even others elsewhere. Do’s and don’ts. Tips and ideas. Your eyes have absorbed them all and now, you’re ready to apply them.

Don’t be afraid of it. 
Starting something new is always challenging, only at first.

That’s but natural. If you encounter a few tugs of getting you back to your old bad habits, it’s okay. If you struggle a bit, it’s okay.

With that amazingly strong will of yours to really make a change in the way you work and produce work output, we already know you’ll do great in radically handling your tasks and time with much efficiency. Just keep swimming (as Dory kept saying).

How To Review Your Day The Proper Way

First, go back to your task list. Your checklist, if you will. If you haven’t yet, list down the important milestones you’ve completed for each one. Leave no stone unturned. Also, in case there are a few details you missed, return to them. Fix them. Get yourself used to completing activities down to the minute.

Time Management Review: Review Your Day

Second, take note of how much time these tasks took, individually. Remember, in one of our posts, we’ve mentioned how multitasking is quite disadvantageous. So we’re expecting you’ve done your homework of sticking to the one-task-at-a-time rule.

More Computations. No Complicated Math

Next, compute just how much time you were able to save per task per deadline. If your usual work routine revolves around almost the same type of tasks per day, this will be a good strategy to use in order to compare the next day’s work schedule with today’s. Today’s time saved will be your marker for tomorrow.

On the other hand, if your work usually varies, it’s still good to record how much time you saved. You’ll be able to look back and have that sense of fulfillment to be able to work at your peak. At this point, you’re ready for the next challenge.

Finally, practice the Reward System. You’ve worked long and hard and did your best in making sure you were productive in using your time, effort, and resources. You can now give yourself a treat for doing so, and to be re-energized for tomorrow’s activities.

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