Time Management Products For Your Everyday Use

There’s such a thing? Time management products? Oh, yes. They exist. Time management products. No, they’re not scam items that promise to speed up the way you move and think when you drink this capsule. Or enhance your reflexes and endurance for long work hours when you drink this glass of orange juice mixed with a droplet of the Flash’s… sweat?

Time Management Products For Your Everyday Use

I may have bordered on the gross and weird right there. Also, even in the comic book world, that logic doesn’t add up. However, going back to this post’s title, yes, there are certain products that can help you be better, or be your best at managing your time, real life-style.

Let’s Get Practical With Time Management Products

Let’s get one thing straight. There is no item or product that can solve your struggle with proper time management. None. If there were, they’d be advertised everywhere and would be selling like hotdogs in a full stadium. I wanted to use “hotcakes” but meh.

Also, regardless of whether you’re using a time management product or technique, they merely act as supports to help you do what you should when it comes to your day to day tasks and activities. As mentioned and again and again reiterated in my other posts, there’s no Dumbledore nor Gandalf to this problem. Oh, a creature of Middle Earth, you yourself are the ultimate solution (me geeking out for no apparent reason).

Until time travel can be proven as absolute reality and can be used in our era, there’s really nothing that can be used to almost automatically and radically change your working habits if not yourself.

On the other hand, there are specific products that can help you get there. By this, I mean they can be used to assist you as you engage in proper time management and keep at it. Aside from yourself being the solution, your consistency in making sure you complete the tasks on your well-organized task list is just as vital.

It’s Time For Timers

If you want to go old school, an actual timer will be useful in keeping you on track with your schedule. You can take a sneak peek at my other posts regarding setting time intervals and breaks that will bring about efficiency and productivity as you work. So yes, a timer. Nothing out of the ordinary here. In fact, if you have a separate oven timer in your kitchen, you can use that as well!

Additionally, your phone has a clock app (as I’m sure you already knew and I didn’t need to go to lengths to mention it. Still, here I am, mentioning it). Set it to the time interval you prefer for yourself, or to the one you’d like to try out. More than this though, you have to make sure you follow it to the dot. No excuses.

Once the clock starts racing, start doing your work, and do as much of it within the timeframe you’ve set. 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes and so on. Then stop when the alarm goes off. Take note of your progress and repeat

Here’s a little giveaway. For clock app users, try changing the         alarm tone every now and then. 

This way, your brain won’t get too familiar and too bored with hearing the same alarm sound over and over again. By changing it every now and then, I mean every week. Not every interval, for Einstein’s sake! A suggestion. Or you can stick to the alarm tone you feel comfortable with if it’s already working great for you.

Get Organized With Organizers (Plus Notebooks And Planners)

Oh yeah, this. You might already be all too familiar with a personal organizer. Others call it a diary, a journal, or a planner. Let me add that you might also already be all too familiar with being able to fill up the first few pages of it, never to continue filling it up until the very last one. It happens. It happens more often than it should.

Time Management Products For Your Everyday Use

Yet again, the ultimate Eureka factor: you. An organizer can help you in terms of granting ease in categorizing your tasks. High importance versus not-so-high importance. Long-term versus short-term. To submit today and to submit at the end of the week. This planning notebook (I’ll call it that) is your visual aid or cue.

Tasks can be forgotten when not written down so they’ll constantly remind you of that which you need to do and that which you’ve already done. Forgetfulness will no longer be an excuse for you because it’ll all be written down on your organizer. Granted, you be diligent in jotting them accurately and keeping it up to date.

What are you waiting for? Try these time management products out and be rad at managing your time today!

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