Time Management Games: Play Your Way Into Productivity

Time Management Games: Play Your Way Into Productivity

Time management games? Really? You might be a little skeptical about the term. Especially ones that come with the word “game.” We’re here to tell you that there are legit ones that can hone your senses and make you keener when it comes to handling time. 

Time Management Games: Is Time Management A Real Problem? 

Yes, it is. Otherwise, there won’t be a jillion self-help websites, articles, books and even conferences dedicated to training one in managing time. Managing time for the purpose of working more efficiently and productively. Also, that’s the reason why we write this piece. We’ve been through it and we understand what the struggle is like.

Many think that it’s a norm. To be teetering between the edge of terrible and not-so-terrible when it comes to dealing with time and handling tasks within its bounds. The reality is that it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be the norm. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that according to global surveys, a large percentage of working professionals have some sort of fistfight or a constant kickboxing match with it, at one level or another. 

That is the world, y’all. Anyone from any part of the Earth, regardless of age and profession, has his or her own battle against being time-efficient. Thus, here we are again, to give you a few very simple yet very helpful tips on how to better yourself in this. One tip, in fact. 

Unconscious Learning In Time Management Games

Unconscious learning is an area of psychology that studies and delves deep into the wonder of how the mind is able to learn without any stimuli initiating it. It happens, as the word goes, “unconsciously.” In other words, it’s a coping mechanism that is natural to humankind. 

However, even if it does occur naturally without you being conscious about it, enhancing it can be done… get this… consciously. You can grow your level of unconscious learning. This way, learning will even be more elevated as your brain is trained to absorb more knowledge in the long run. That is, by expanding your unconscious learning. 

Time Management Games: Play Your Way Into Productivity

This is very true of specific games that have this purpose. Also, we’re focusing on games because it’s one way of getting into the discipline without forcing it to yourself. It’s fun! 

So, an example, and our favorite, are ones that are a race against time. We won’t be mentioning their actual names but you’ll have an idea or two for sure. Games that involve cooking burgers and other fast food items as fast as you can, and as many as you can, within the time limit. The setting? A diner. You’ve played this, haven’t you? 

Another is that addictive and super colorful game (and highly spread out across nations in popularity when it came out) involves striking as much candy as you can within the time limit. Afterward, you move on to another level of candy land. Lots of clues there about the game name. 

How These Games Work

These games are all a race against time, as mentioned earlier. This alone will train you, or at least, bring you into that level of  awareness, to “do things quickly, as best as you can.” If you get cut off, then you lose. 

This type of unconscious learning works towards training you in working efficiently, and speedily, within time constraints. Plus, the increasing levels of difficulty nail down its effect as well. 

In the office, you have time constraints you need to win against. Otherwise, output submission will be delayed. Overflow of work means more to do for you the next day. Keeping time and being punctual with deadlines as you race against time (using the phrase yet again) are grounds you can unconsciously learn even as you play games such as the ones mentioned above. 

Neat, right? Check out more similar games online and pick your favorites. Of course, play them only when work is done and you’re on your free time. 

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