Time Management And Leadership: It Starts With You

Time Management And Leadership: It Starts With You

It’s true that leadership is connected to time management. For those who handle more than one person in your grove, then you’re considered a team leader. Or a manager. The positional alias depends on the industry your company belongs to. Nonetheless, being disciplined in the way you handle and organize your tasks can overflow to the way you manage your team.

Time Management And Leadership: The Time Thief Manager

A bit of a change-up here, with us starting with the negative. Think of this as having the speedbump first before driving on towards the glowing horizon. So, you’ve encountered the words “time thief time manager”. Definitely yes, there’s a good number of them out there, and even within your own company. 

What we aim to do is not having you put in that category. Or if you currently are in it, then to take you off the list. Let’s get to the definition of terms. A time thief manager is one who holds that position and handles both his or her tasks AS manager poorly. This, therefore, translates to handling his or her team just as poorly as well. 

Time Management And Leadership: It Starts With You

Time and managing are both sides of the same coin. You simply can’t be a good manager if you yourself are having difficulty handling your tasks and schedules. If you are someone lacking a systematic way of accomplishing your day to day to-dos. If you are clueless about how to work more efficiently and have that result in numbers and in quality of output. 

What the leader is, so is the follower. 

You know this, and probably in different wordings. The point being: you can’t expect to have a strong team if you, as their leader, is not strong at all. By not strong, we mean, someone who’s unreliable, poor in planning and organization skills, always rushing towards deadlines. 

A Harsh Reality: But There’s A Solution 

We weren’t trying to scare you or put you off by saying things as they are. Trust us, we know how you feel because we too have handled our own teams at one point or another. It’s never an easy job to be responsible for the development of someone other than yourself. Growing yourself is already tough.

Time Management And Leadership: It Starts With You

However, when it comes to team management, a little bit of external help will switch everything around. Ever heard of team managing software? No mentioning of brands here. These types of software do is make your life easier as a manager. 

You’ll be able to monitor each one of your member’s schedules and update them at will. Also, they themselves can input their own comments and suggestion through this type of portal as it’s linked from you to them. 

Leadership: Communication Also Plays A Role

In fact, you can set up a group chatbox as well, for everybody to participate in. Team communication can now be done online and it saves up on time, especially if meeting rooms aren’t available. Especially, if you work remotely. 

Additionally, they can reach out to you privately, too. True, you’ll be sending communications through the group chatbox. On the other hand, you can make them feel safe in opening up their own suggestions without fear of being judged by their teammates. They can talk or chat with you in private, via individual messaging. 

The Options Are Out There And They’re In Raves 

Try going online and search for these types of desktop apps you can use as you learn to manage your team. Be work productive yourself first, and let this overflow to them. It starts with you… so start it today! 

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