Time For Fitness: Stay Active, Stay Productive

Time For Fitness: Stay Active, Stay Productive

It’s… time for fitness, folks! It sounds a little cheesy and uncool but it really is fitness time. At least, from the point of keeping yourself driven and productive. Setting aside a schedule for working out, no matter the kind and intensity of the workout, will do much for your mind and your body in staying healthy, and thus, staying productive. 

Time For Fitness: Workouts Do More Than Keep You Fit 

Having an exercise regimen, or maybe just winging it like going out for a run, no doubt keep your body active and healthy. True, diet is a major contributing factor to letting your body achieve overall well-being. On the other hand, exercising is just as important because it lets your bodily functions… function properly. 

Exercising boosts your energy levels. Though you spend energy when you go to the gym or do that sport you so love, that energy will be quickly replaced and will lead to even more of it the next time you go out for another workout. 

Time For Fitness: What Working Out Does For Your Body

Additionally, it brings oxygen to your tissues, which allows for a smooth flow of it, and blood, from your cardiovascular system to the rest of your body. Ample amount of oxygen and blood pumping and flowing where they should, there’s more firepower from strength and endurance during physical and even mental activities. 

Your bones and muscles will work more smoothly. Faster, too. Ever notice how the first week of your work is the worst? It gets easier as time passes by? That your system is rebooting and regaining energy, allowing for more strength and more enduring ability as you get more familiar with your exercises. 

Fitness And Productivity: The Relationship 

We’ve mentioned in one of our posts about how keeping fit literally lets your mind and bodywork at their best and highest capacity. That’s the math of it. The healthier you are, the stronger and agile you get. The stronger and more agile you get, the more you are able to handle work. Not just work, but different loads of it. 

On the other hand, we also want to talk about how to schedule a time for exercising actually helps train you in terms of time management. When you stick to an exercise regimen and you stick to it strictly, that’s you disciplining your mind to know how to follow a schedule. 

Time For Fitness: Stay Active, Stay Productive

Nothing new here. Just the basic principle of it. You’re teaching yourself about time management without being too “preachy if you know what we mean. Working out isn’t work, per se. It’s a physical activity so different from what you do in the office (gym trainers are the exception).

So it’s such an effective way of subconscious getting that need-to-follow-a-schedule concept in your system without forcing it. 

Plus, it can actually turn out to be loads of fun once you get the hang of it. 

Drop A Deuce, Y’all 

In that sense, therefore, you’ll be benefitting from it based on two different angles. One, you’ll be helping your body get fit. Second, you’ll be subconsciously training your mind to learn how to follow an organized schedule, which can overflow in the way you handle schedule at work. Booyah. 

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