The Right Now Technique: Practice It Right Now

Yup. The Right Now Technique. More repetition. More redundancy. Very much intended. Thank you for coming back to this site and wanting to read more about time management, what ways you can use to better yours, and others. This time, you and I will be delving into another technique that’s summed up in two words. Don’t go anywhere just yet. Let’s do this.

The Right Now Technique: Practice It Right Now

The Right Now Technique: Now Is Momentous And Is The Most Significant Of Them All

Live in the moment. It’s a quote written by someone anonymous, and yet people from across the globe know it. Whether in your language or another’s, it means one thing. Now is what’s important. Live it in. Though, of course, that’s not to say that the past, or better yet the future, aren’t important, because they are.

However, the infamous quotation holds utter significance, especially when you nit-pick it well. What exactly does it mean? You’re alive. You’re breathing at this very moment. Still breathing after a second, and another. Don’t get comical with me now, although if you are, I’m amused.

What Does It All Mean For You And For Me?

So, where were we? Living in the moment and its definition. If you Google it, you’ll find terms such as being present. Having all your sense conscious and keen on what is going on in and around you at the moment. Or… in every moment. Really living in the now, and not in an idea or an imagination of what you think you see for yourself in the future.

It’s good to plan things and dream about tomorrow. Although, now is where you and I are, therefore now is what matters. You, who you are, where you are, what you’re doing, whom you surround yourself with, your partner. Add onto that the lunch you’re having, the coffee you’re drinking, the music you’re listening to. Whether “big” or mundane, if they’re in the now, they’re more significant than you make them out to be.

How It Relates To Time Management

Time management (as mine eyes were opened but yesterday, being archaic about it), in reality, is all about this moment. Right now. Every right now you’ll count from here on. It’s about getting you to plan ahead so that you’ll be able to push yourself to work towards that plan now. Today.

The Right Now Technique: Practice It Right Now

It’s probably getting too repetitive already. Still, I cannot overemphasize it more than this. Knowing what your weaknesses are. What things keep you from being productive. What grabs your attention away from work and holds it there so that you end up wasting hours away. This is knowing who you are and accepting these weaknesses… you got it… now.

Acceptance, Enlightenment

At the same time, that acceptance also allows room for growth, and possibly, enlightenment. Not the kind that made Buddha who he is. Different page. On the other hand, we’re talking about a realization. A realization that there’s something you and I can do about the rut we’re in. That the hero to our time management problem is ourselves.

Be In The Moment. Live In The Moment. Do It

I can’t put it in any stronger a declaration (or command? It sounds like a command but I don’t mean it that way). Do it. Assess your situation. Have a bird’s eye view of your day to day at work. Then look to the details. Point out which are the important tasks and the time-waster of your Now. Finally, repeat the procedure. Constantly and regularly.

Once you’re sorted those out, plan. I’ve got more posts about how you can strategize with much practicality in other posts. Feel free to check them out.

Further, if you’ve already got your rad schedule mapped out, fulfill it. Don’t stop with just writing them down or setting an alarm on your phone calendar. Do. Do now.

What am I doing? I’m holding you on here as you read along. Go and organize your tasks for the day, for the week, the month. If there are deadlines you need to meet, by all means, leave this post and accomplish those tasks!

And come back to this site at your time of leisure. *wink wink

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