Stop Procrastinating Today: Tips Against Procrastination

No more excuses. Stop procrastinating today. Soldier, I see you’ve come with the mind of a warrior (too dramatic? Much intended). You’ve finally come to your senses and have decided that enough is enough.

Stop Procrastinating Today: Tips Against Procrastination

No more couch potato-ing, surfing the web for random shizzle, drowning hour upon hour upon hour on social media, and Netflixing like there’s no end. No more! Face the battle at the forefront of your day-to-day: the battle against procrastination.

The Real Deal Of The Battle: Stop Procrastinating

Brave and Noble One, what splendiferous victory awaits you at the end of the clashing of sword-against-sword. Ooooooh yeah. I’m going full-on with the medieval-knight parallelism. Consistency is the name of the game, right? Plus, why deviate from the awesomeness of epics and heroes and their mind-blowing stories.

Now, you’re writing your own, as you brave through the clutches of office work, deadlines, task-upon-task and getting things done at the end of the day. If in the past, you were one who easily fell into the snares of procrastination, you’re no longer that person today.

Today is the beginning of your journey towards the time management hero you should be. I know, I know, that doesn’t exactly sound as cool as I thought it would, but you get it. Fist bump.

Practice The Right Now Technique

You’re here. This is it. There’s no need for turning back. There’s no need for putting off tasks for later.

It’s important to note that though keeping time and keeping in time is one that will change your life, you need not fear it. 

You need not be daunted by this alien state of mind. You’re simply altering the way you do things so that every single day ends up with you winning battles (work battles, that is) with your head held high and stress far, far away from you.

Stop Procrastinating And Cling On To Your Will And Your Drive

Win over your laziness. Fight against it with your will. After the battle is won in your mind, it’s a battle you must face and win with will second after second, then it’s time to get your hands and your weaponry into action. It’s time to do something, in the most literal sense, and get work done this moment.

What Shall The Time Management Warrior In You Do Now?

The first step? I’ve mentioned in the previous post that knowing your enemy is key. Point out which unimportant and non-work related things take up much room in your day today. Once you’ve done that, here’s where you can get creative. Write them down on a Post It, or any other material you can stick to your workspace in the office or in your room at home. It’ll act as a reminder for you NOT to do any of those things until work is done.

Next, write down the things you need to complete ASAP. Write them down somewhere you can easily access and see. It’s best to do this part at least a day before. If you’re starting today, as in literal “today,” then don’t stop.

This is your very own personal checklist. Every time you’re able to finish a task, simply strike a line through it on this list or as the name goes, put a checkmark next to it.

Check It Once, Check It Twice

Third, review. A knight never gets too sloppy as to think that he or she was a hundred percent faultless and simply perfect during battle. The knight doesn’t leave the battlefield without checking that the enemy has been vanquished and victory is indeed his or hers. The same should be true for you. Take a look at your checklist and make certain that the battlefield has been conquered.

Stop Procrastinating Today: Tips Against Procrastination

Additional Tips

For tasks that need more time to finish, set a personal deadline for them. To add, don’t rely on the required deadline your boss gives you for it. Set one earlier than that. Check that you’ve gone through the task list and that you’ve done them all. Mark those that are complete as well as those that need to be followed-up on.

And just like that, you are on your way to being the time management hero 
you ought to be. Keep your goals ahead of you
and stop procrastinating today.

Trust me, it will change your life one task after the next.

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