Simple Time Management Tools That Can Help You Manage Time Well

Simple Time Management Tools

Do you regularly face difficulties in managing your work and leisure time? Managing time efficiently and effectively is a constant struggle for many people. While it’s impossible to complete every task each day, you can try to organize your schedule for a more productive outcome. Time isn’t something we can stock up whenever you are free. Therefore, it is essential to manage and keep track of your activities with simple time management tools to lighten the burden on your shoulders.

Effective time management will also result in optimum efficiency and good productivity every day. Here is a list of simple time management tools to check out that will help to organize your daily schedule skillfully.

Simple Time Management Tools to Use in Daily Life

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Daily Planners

While some people may underestimate the use of daily planners, these planners are actually the first step towards self-organization. A planner is the core of your daily to-do schedule. A good planner will contain all the tasks for each day and maybe even the next week. Daily planners come in both a hardbound diary-like version and an electronic smartphone or PC version.

Task Managers

In case you are someone who does not like writing down every single task on a piece of paper every day, you can rely on your mobiles or PCs to do the task by using the task manager. Reserve blocks of time, schedule meetings, and prioritize the level of your tasks. Type in the urgent and important tasks, and the task manager will constantly keep reminding you about your tasks at regular intervals. You can also choose between different time management apps depending upon the choice of your format, structure, or features.

Getting Things Done With Simple Time Management Tools

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GTD is one of the most simple time management tools that was developed by David Allen. By using the GTD method, you can organize your time effectively, thereby resulting in good productivity and enhanced performance. To use the GTD method, you need to follow the given simple steps:

Collect: Collect or make a list of all the tasks that you need to complete.

Process: Analyze all of your tasks and prioritize the most urgent tasks. Identify which ones require your immediate attention and which ones do not.

Organize: Organize your tasks depending upon the deadline of each task and set a strict timing schedule within which you must complete the task.

Execute: Perform all the tasks one by one with extreme dedication. Let nothing distract or interrupt you from your work.

Review: Review your performance routinely, and make new strategies according to the nature of your tasks.


The above given-points were just the rudimentary simple time management tools many people use in their daily lives. There are many other tools and apps you can easily find on the internet to organize your time. But the most important tool you will need is self-determination. Without a strong will and a determined head, no amount of time management tools can help you organize your time efficiently.

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