Reward System: Time Management With A Twist

Reward System: Time Management With A Twist

You’ve heard of this method before— the reward system. It’s a strategy that can be practiced in any kind of field. Whether it’s training one towards achieving a goal of creating a disciplined approach towards a fixed task, the reward system can be applied, and the results are always astonishing. 

Reward System: Everything Has A Price

That line’s probably the less cheerful side of it. Why don’t we change it to… hard work reaps great returns. It does, doesn’t it? Reaping what you sow, planting an apple to grow and an apple tree with more apples. They mean the same thing. Work and you get something out of it. Don’t work and, well, you don’t. 

If you’re having trouble getting into the zone, and hopefully the habit of managing time with much success, the reward system is a fun way to discipline your mind and your body towards it. 

It’s easy to tell yourself that okay, this is it. You’ll finally stop being lazy. You’ll finally stop being a habitual procrastinator. You want to change your attitude towards work and work productively. Work happily by acquiring desirable results from your input. You don’t even need to say it. Just think about it. It’s that easy.

The Name Of The Game Is “Consistency”

Reward System: Time Management With A Twist

However, when it comes to application, you lose yourself just when you’ve begun. This time, we’re talking about consistent application. Time management isn’t a one-time goal. It goes on and it never stops because time doesn’t/ Your tasks don’t. So you have to keep going and keep driving yourself towards true work efficiency. 

Again, it’s easier said than done. So why not try one of our favorite methods when it comes to creating great time handling habits. 

The Rewards System And How You Can Apply It To Yourself

Think of a reward you’ll want to achieve after every accomplished task. They may vary per task as well. Are you the type who’s into treats? Small pockets of mini chocolate bars of mini tasks. Gummy bears and Skittles, for those into the colorful and sweet. How about a buffet at your favorite restaurant for more difficult assignments?

Reward System: Time Management With A Twist

Additionally, you can try the break-reward system. Give yourself a quick break for every assignment you’re able to complete. Again, make them varied. It could be a quick drive towards that place you love hanging out at. Or if you accomplish a feat, then go someplace nice in the weekend. Take your friends with you. Or go on a spontaneous date with your partner.

What’s great about the reward system is that it’s definitely tailored towards your preferences. You won’t be following a rule that you aren’t comfortable with. Much less one that doesn’t suit your personality. The reward system is all about you and the logic isn’t rocket science. Work hard, work more, and reward yourself for it.

Practicing It For Optimum Benefits

Give it a go now. List down things you know you’ll look forward to doing and having and plot them in an organized manner. Specify specific tasks are equivalent to which specific prize. Include the timeframe for each one and make sure you stick to it.

What’s more, just to amp up the excitement and make it a sort of checklist. This way, you’ll be able to track your progress. It is always a way to boost morale whenever you feel like you’re losing that drive again. You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work.

 Try the Reward System and be consistently work-productive.  
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