Productivity With Vacations: Recharge And Refresh

Productivity with vacations? Have a break. Have a… not a KitKat, but a vacation. Sometimes, what you need is some respite amidst the hectic schedule you have at the office and at home. Work is work. It doesn’t change. Your tasks may but the fact remains that you’ll have to get used to having the kind of schedule you have at the office.

Productivity With Vacations: Recharge And Refresh

So it’s but normal to feel burnt out. We’re not machines who can be awake and a-working 24/7. In fact, more than the usual 8-hour pace and you know it’ll be a bit much. Though for those who work for more than that (like me), I salute you.

Productivity With VacationsThe Reality Of Feeling Burnt Out

Where were we? Burn out. Even if you have your schedule and your tasks organized to a T, when your mind and your body are spent, there’s just no way for you to go. At least, there’s no way to go on being productive. You’ll be dragging your feet from one task to the next, half-heartedly and with half of your mind and body working at their supposed peak.

Can You Really Increase Your Work Productivity With Vacations?

Going back to the backbone of what efficiency and productivity entail, there’s no miracle solution. No, a vacation won’t miraculously increase your level of work efficiency. It’s still all up to you. However, what it can do is get you out of that environment. That environment you’re in most of the day, 5 or 6 or 7 days a week.

See, that’s what I was saying about that fact being of normalcy when it comes to a profession. A job requires effort and hours from you. That’s that. You and I are finite machines. Sleep powers you up and readies you for the next day. Healthy food gives your mind and body what they need to work properly. A well-planned task schedule allows you to maneuver through them seamlessly.

That said, you and I will, at some point (a few points) are worn down. The routine of everything mentioned in the earlier paragraph can get to you, too. This is where a vacation, planned or at random (for those who like it that way), can act as your burn-out-savior.

The Science Behind It

Studies have shown that being in the same environment and doing the same tasks for long periods of time are among the causes of burn out. It should not be cause for alarm. Again, it’s all but normal. There’s nothing to be worried about because there’s a solution to it. One that seems unorthodox to few.

Those very studies have revealed that getting yourself out of those very surroundings and getting away for a short while is the breath of fresh air you need to rid yourself of burn out.

Productivity With Vacations: Recharge And Refresh

A breath of fresh air indeed, as you go on the road, head to the mountains or to the beach (mountains for me), spend time with friends and loved ones, and just release.

Release all the negativity wrought by stress and tension caused by overwork. Let your mind be free of the rigid deadlines you’re required to meet, and meet with much va-va-voom. Of course, it’s needless to say that you should complete that which needs to be completed before heading out for your trip. *wink

Be Practical And Realistic When Planning

It doesn’t need to be a gloriously luxurious vacation. Keep it real. Keep it simple. You can have those splurge-all-you-want types if you feel like you can fit that in your budget. What we’re talking about here are those short spurts of vacation-breaks you can easily fit into your crazy schedule.

2-4 days. Or if you’re feeling reward-worthy, a week. This is simply to pull yourself out of the box you’re in day-in and day-out… meaning your office… or your tasks and the deadlines they run under. The busyness, the hectic conversations, and meetings, documentation, filing, typing, and whatnot. Every once in awhile, it’s for your benefit to press the pause button and catch a break.

Go ahead. Plan that road trip with your loved one/s. Take that quick vacation and renew your mind and body. Be recharged and ready to face the music again when you return.

After all, you deserve it.

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