Productivity Through Caffeine: A Cup For Efficiency

Productivity Through Caffeine: A Cup For Efficiency

Can there be an increase in productivity through caffeine? Do you always start your day with a cup of coffee? Wait. Always might be too vague a word. Do you often start your day with a cup of coffee? Whether you belong to the category before or the latter, you might be doing the right thing. Handling time efficiently has a lot to do with brainpower, and what better way to power it up than with a drink you’re most familiar with.

Productivity Through Caffeine: It Doesn’t Just Keep You “Awake”

There’s no doubt you already know the fact that caffeine is a stimulant, albeit mild. It’s the very reason waking up early in the mornings in a groggy, slow-moving, troll-ish you are perked up after a cup of it. Of hot and steaming coffee. It instantly gets you going. If you’re like me, somehow, and I don’t know how scientific this is, but even just the mere aroma of it pulls me out of slumber and I’m ready mode.

For others, it’s become a habit (me included, and maybe you as well). The AM isn’t complete without it. The AM can’t get its shoes on and start moving without that sip of bitter yet rich and soothing taste. For those who have it with milk and sugar, then with a taste of that cream and sweetness included.

Call it what fuel is to a sleek and shiny black Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Which, once fueled up, can glide on the road with that elegance and speed like no other. I’m using this comparison because I randomly saw said luxury vehicle whilst I was browsing the internet for randomness.

Fact Or Myth: Is Coffee Unhealthy?

Decade after decade has passed and there has always been a tug of war between those who say that coffee is good for you and those who tell of the opposite. You’ve noticed, haven’t you? One moment, you read about how amazing this drink is. Give it some time and you’ll have articles and posts mentioning how it’s more harmful than helpful.

Then the cycle repeats. Some have stated that it’s the media. Others have stated that it’s the coffeemakers themselves that spark this back and forth. In most if not all cases, it’s about profit and we can’t really blame them for thinking that way.

Whether one of these entities are responsible for it, it doesn’t change the fact that coffee influences much of the world. An eye-opening 2.25 billion cups annually, to be less vague.

Anyway, heading back to the Do-It, Don’t-Do-It of my go-to drink right before I start working, researched-backed studies show that folks, yes, it’s good for us. Yes, most of you were probably thinking the same thing even before heading to this post.

So to make my typing of that sentence legitimate, reading and research were done. This is no old wive’s tale.  

The Benefits Of Coffee” Productivity Through Caffeine

Aside from that jolt you get when drinking it, coffee contains essential nutrients such as Riboflavin or Vitamin B12, Potassium and Niacin. Altogether, they work with the rest of your bodily systems to enhance fat burning, breaking down carbohydrates to produce energy, decrease the risk of heart ailments, and assist with muscle strength.

Productivity Through Caffeine: A Cup For Efficiency

So then what does these have to do with brain activity and productiveness? When your body is supplied with energy, your muscles are strengthened, nervous system, balanced, you’ll feel so much more at ease to do the work you need to.

Sluggishness and that why-am-I-so-slow-today mood will be replaced with agility and energy that will make you move and think better.

Yes, coffee, again, is a stimulant and wakes your nervous system. That helps, too. Nobody wants to start their day feeling all groggy and wanting to head back to bed. At the same time, it contains nutrients that allow you to BE healthy and thus work more efficiently.

That cup of coffee you love having? One or two a day is enough to   give you that boost you need. 
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