Procrastination Versus Time Management

We’re here to talk about procrastination but let me intro dramatically. You’re the hero in your life story. The battles, they rage on and for some, they don’t end in this life, only, you get better at arming yourself with the right battle weapons. “They rage on” isn’t a this-is-the-end-and-there’s-nothing-I-can-do-about-it kind of situation.

Procrastination Versus Time Management

When it comes to procrastination and knowing how to wield your sword against it, it’s a fight that goes on as long as you have it in mind that you want your every day to end in glorious victory.

Procrastination: What It Is?

I’m going a bit medieval-knights-and-epic-battlefields in this post’s theme. What can I say, I’m a fan of those, to use the word again, “epics” that tell of heroes who win against seemingly impossible odds the gods or their fortune thrust upon their path.

Despite challenge after challenge, task upon task (think Hercules and his 12 labors), they stood their ground and took to the sun. He, of course, won in blazing magnificence and decadence. Or over gory blood and bones. A win is a win regardless of the plot’s setting.

You’re probably wondering if this has anything to do with procrastination. Oh yes, kind passerby-to-this-post, it has everything to do with it. Like any wise strategist would do, let’s scour the grounds and “know thine enemy.”

Procrastination, in its simplest explanation, is “putting something off for later when it can be done now.”

It’s when you tell yourself to do something later. That “later” varies. It could mean “later” as in a few minutes, at the end of the day, and in worse cases, after a few days, or even weeks! Then, the evilest of them all, because you’ve put it off for so long, the task plunges into oblivion, into the dark and empty pit of “I forgot.”

The S Isn’t The Symbol Of Hope Against Procrastination. YOU Are (Alluding To Superman’s Logo? No?)

Until, it resurfaces one day, when you have new tasks at hand and they’ll pile up one on top of the other, leaving you the weary and weak (and very stressed, might I add) knight you and I definitely don’t want you to be.

Don’t fret just yet. Hope is never too far to reach with your own hand, and it may come in the form of smart planning and organizing, and a hell of a lot of follow-throughs. If you find yourself constantly in a struggle between being productive and succumbing to the sweet yet sickly call of laziness and the soothing invite of hours online (instead of working, that is), then you’ve come to the right place. Do read on.

Time Management Is Your Excalibur

There’s no “Merlin” in this world. Our reality doesn’t have warlocks and potions masters who can give us quick fixes to our procrastination problem. No, I’m not talking about what DIY and “hacks” mean today. However, even if no magic wand nor incantation can fix this problem, time management can.

Procrastination Versus Time Management

What’s even more amazing is that it’s a weapon rightly and ripely at your grasp. You just need to create good habits against procrastination. Though don’t put your guard down. Mastery of such a tool is a must. Practice, oh like the very cliché most people want to avoid, is an absolute “yes”. Make it all-caps at that.

No More Put-Offs For Later

What I’m trying to say, whilst using parallelisms between procrastinating and going into battle old-school style, is you have to, nay, need to get yourself in that mindset of understanding that you should stop procrastinating and that involves being proactive about it. Proactivity on a constant and second-after-second regular basis. Every. Single. Day.

Start with today. Don’t let yourself fall into the quicksand of saying “I’ll start tomorrow.” “I’m going to watch all that I can on Netflix. Play as many computer games as I want. Hang out with my friends and get wasted. I’ll do this time management thing tomorrow.”

Get yourself and your act together now. 

Hit the stop button on the movie or game you’re on, tell your friends you’ll hang out with them only after you’re done with work.

The battle starts now.

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