Positivity Through The Right People: Get Motivated

Positivity through the right people. It’s an idea that if you surround yourself with the right kind of person/s, you’ll be able to get out of that rut you feel you’ve been in for some time now. If you’re challenging yourself into getting your act together when it comes to time management, knowing whom to surround yourself with will prove very helpful. Even in the long run.

Positivity Through The Right People: Building A Positive Environment

It’s a fact. Your environment can affect you. Although it’s true that the way you respond towards it is the bigger sword, it’s almost impossible to deny that the people you constantly surround yourself and interact with will influence the way you think and the way you move.

Positivity Through The Right People: Get Motivated

That last sentence right there should be in all-caps. We’re not merely talking about those whom you’re with a lot. Office workers, bosses, and the like. On the other hand, we’re talking about those whom you’re with a lot, AND have meaningful interactions with. There’s a difference? Yes, there is. Let’s break it down a bit.

Meaningful interactions are brought about when you converse and interact with a person or persons you generally have a fondness of. For others, maybe not fondness, but tolerance. This isn’t about the barista at the Starbucks a few steps from your office whom you see daily. Yes, you converse, but mainly about coffee. Do you get what we mean?

How Your Environment Affects You

Psychologists and human behavior analysts have revealed that at one point or another, or many more, our emotional and cognitive states are triggered whenever we are with men and women you have meaningful interactions with. For the sake of putting a name to that and for the sake of this post, let’s call them “important people.”

These important people play a significant part in your life. This group is usually, if not always, a small one. Officemates whom you confide in and exchange life stories with. Even officemates whom you encourage or from whom you hear complaints about their lives.

Friends. Your closest, that is. Family. The closest as well. Your partner, or husband or wife. If you have a mentor, then a mentor, too. You know who they are.

It is because your mind has identified them as “important people” that the same pay attention to them more than others. You feel more emotionally attached. They stand on a pedestal on an invisible stage in your mind. They’re not like the 90% to 95% of people you talk to on average. The 90-95% with whom conversations are basic and almost mandatory (work, public places, etc.)

However, the 5-10%, they’re the crème de la crème if you know what we’re saying. It is because they’re the crème de la crème of your life that they hold such significance in the way you journey through it. In perspectives, decision-making, motivation or the lack thereof.

The Right People You Should Seek To Be Around You

At the same time, seek out those who are already in your circle (just not in the 5-10%) whom you believe can influence you positively. Those who encourage and motivate you either by words or by example. Be around people with whom you can strike refreshing conversations with. Avoid downers (as harsh as this might sound), and we don’t mean the drug.

What we want you to have is an overall view of what affects you and how driven and productive you are in your tasks and in time management. This unlikely external factor of actual living, breathing creatures. They factor in.

Reality Check

This point is tricky. It’ll both be objective and yet subjective. You have to be honest with yourself and take a good look at that 5-10 %. Remember, you’re trying to better life for You. You’re trying to radically change the way you work through proper time management. To add, you’ve made the decision to stop procrastinating and start prioritizing what should be prioritized (hinting on a few of our posts relating to said topics).

Positivity Through The Right People: Get Motivated

Even though the 5-10% already is such a small number, ask yourself if they bring out a positive You. Do they motivate you? Do they encourage and influence you to do things that will make you better than you were yesterday? Ask yourself if they uplift you and keep your spirits up. Ask yourself if they listen to you. Do you learn from each other? Share ideas.

On the other end of the spectrum, can you laugh with them? Cry with them? Share losses as well as victories?

If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track. If the answer is no, then maybe a little perspective check should be in place. We’re not saying you should cut yourself from them altogether. Not at all! However, what you can do is be more aware of the way you interact with them. Then check yourself that you stay on course, driven and positive, so as not to be derailed from your track.

And maybe, a rain-check once in a while will help, too. *wink

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