Positivity: Benefits In Work Attitude And Management

Positivity: Benefits In Work Attitude And Management

“Positivity.” In a previous post, we’ve mentioned how surrounding yourself with positive people will affect the way you do things and the way you think. Here, we’ll give you a bit more about positivity and how you can wield it to bring out the best in you, especially when it comes to time management and staying driven in working productively.

Positivity: Never Underestimate Its Power

There’s nothing like a tall glass of positivity to start and end the day with. It’s the iced or hot coffee to your mornings (or any other of your favorite beverages). It’s the glass of milk or hot chocolate (or even water, if that’s how you do it) right before heading towards counting sheep.

It’s a concept that we all know about and practice (most of the time, unconsciously). Yet, it’s a concept that we don’t pay much attention to, despite its benefits and implications. In fact, some still don’t believe that a bit of positive energy and thinking actually changes things. You and positivity play a significant role in life and really living it.

What Is Positivity?

Before getting into what positivity can do for you, let’s first get to know what it is. In its dictionary definition, positivity is the practice and the act of displaying a positive attitude. In a word, it’s the ability to be optimistic.

One who is positive is a person who knows how to “look on the bright side,” a term you’ve heard a ba-jillion times before. When faced with challenges and mistakes, a positive person immediately looks at how to get up from that pitfall. A person who does not let him or herself be crippled by stress and worry. Instead, he or she goes through every day with an expectant and happy outlook.

Of course, there’s no perfect person. Nobody can be 100% positive all the time. We’re humans. You and I feel down when faced with trouble. We feel sad when a sad situation knocks on our doorstep. It’s but natural for our limbic system, the part of our brain in charge of emotions, to respond to these circumstances in those ways.

On the other hand, this is something controllable and it’s controllable by you. This is what makes it such an important concept to grasp. It’s true, you and I get affected with stress at work and if we linger on it, it turns to worry and negativity. These can cripple you and leave you distracted and less productive. Choosing to stay positive, the tables will turn and turn much they will.

The Benefits Of Optimism

Worry and negativity stem from stress. Stress, being a part of everyday life isn’t avoidable. Though it’s possible that some factors that cause it are, it’s safe to say that stress runs in the very fabric of human beings’ living conditions. Whether its deadlines at the office, workmates who aren’t working as they should, a truckload of chores at home, and more, the causes of stress cannot be eradicated.

Positivity: Benefits In Work Attitude And Management

However, your response to these stressors is what will make all the difference. When you choose to be objective, gather your senses, and stop focusing on troubles that you can’t change, positivity comes in.

What Does Positivity Do?

It lowers your levels of anxiety and stress. When this happens, your mind is able to calculate and view things with a clearer perspective. You’ll be able to navigate through difficult situations with ease because your mind will be set on looking towards the “what-can-be-done rather than the what-just-happened.

Also, positivity affects you by aiding proper cardiovascular functions. Anxiety and negativity, streamed from the right side of your brain’s prefrontal cortex, inhibit emotions that in turn, let your heart pump more blood, in order to make up for the stress you feel. When you’re optimistic and are thinking clearly, your cardiovascular system doesn’t have to go overtime. You’ll breathe easy.

At the same time, a positive attitude sends signals to your nervous system, which allows the rest of your body to function better. You’ll not only feel elated and energized, but your muscles and other bodily systems will also respond well. Time management and working productively will fall smoothly into place quite naturally. No forcing-it-out-of-you needed.

Practice it today. Practice positivity and be more productive. At work and at home. Be a better co-worker, family member, and friend. A better partner, husband and wife. Be a better YOU.

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