Organize Management – Meaning, Features, And Much More

organize management

Organizing is a process that starts the implementation of prepared plans by clarifying jobs, working relationships, and deploying resources to attain the desired and identified results. Thus, organizing is a process that mainly coordinates the efforts of humans, collects all the resources, and also helps in integrating both of them together in a unified whole that can be used to achieve the specified objectives. To organize refers to harmonizing, coordinating, and arranging things in an orderly or logical manner

Organize Management – Introduction

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Once the specific objectives are identified and to achieve the objectives, a specific plan has been made; the further step is to organize different activities of the entire enterprise with a detailed view to effectively work the prepared plan out to eventually fulfill the objectives of the organization. The entire Management needs to work together to identify the activities that are necessary to achieve the set objectives and group the activities according to the capabilities of the employees in the team. 

Different Steps Involved In The Process of Organizing Management – Organize Management 

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Organizing mainly involves the following four steps:

  • Identifying the work and grouping it accordingly 
  • Defining the responsibility of the particular employee
  • Delegation of the appropriate authority
  • Establishing the structural relationships

All the above-mentioned steps are quite important to achieve any set organizational goals. 

Organize Management refers to the process of identifying the tasks that need to be done, who is going to do them, how the tasks are going to be grouped in several departments, who is going to report to whom about the tasks, and where they all decisions are made.- Stephen P Robbins and Mary Coulter say. 

Organize Management – Features of Organizing The Management 

Division Of Work 

The total work needs to be divided into many different parts for the effective work performance of the team. Each part of the work needs to be performed by just one person or the person’s group according to the work type. This way, the division of work eventually results in the creation of new specialized persons. 

Achieving The Set Organizational Objectives

Coordination is always required between the employees if there is one objective. The work is divided, keeping in mind the overall objective of the entire organization. The team frames the organizing process in such a way that it makes it somewhere easy to achieve organizational objectives in a smooth way. 

Authority Responsibility Structure – Organize Management 

Each executive is given a specific position with regard to the authority extent and the responsibilities vested in him so that he can effectively discharge his duties. The authority responsibility structure helps in bringing harmony, authority as well as responsibility. 

Grouping Of The Planned Activities

Activities are required to be divided on some well-defined basis like function, product, customer, territory, process, etc. This type of grouping process is known as departmentation—such departmentation aids in achieving the benefits of administrative control and specialization. 


Organize Management is one of the good processes that any organization should follow to effectively achieve their planned set goals in the limited set time frame

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