New Year’s Resolution: Why It Doesn’t Work

Happy new year, folks! Thinking of a new year’s resolution yet? I hope you had a blast during New Year’s Eve celebrations. Or if you stayed home and climbed under your cozy blanket to Netflix and chill, I’m pretty sure that was a blast too (I’m always on board with the latter, no matter the holiday, or day). Not to ride on the coattails of the usual but I’ll head on to it anyway… New Year’s Resolutions, anyone?

New Year’s Resolution: Why It Doesn’t Work

The New Year’s Resolution

Okay, okay, I may have lost you with that word. Those three words, rather. New Year’s resolution. I know the term and the idea of it is so run down, it’s embedded in the pavement. It’s also because of the after-fact that people seem to be so wrapped around the fantastical that a new year’s resolution is what it’ll take to turn one’s life around.

Everyone has this vision, a detached-from-reality-kind-of-vision if I must say, that the new year brings about change. This is true. I’d have to agree with it. The calendar changes and marks another year added to our lives (whoah, this immediately became a tad dramatic). January usually signifies that in a few more months, winter will fade in place of summer, and then spring (For Game Of Thrones Fans, winter has come and gone, hasn’t it?).

The Unspoken Ideal

Moreover, there’s something unspoken about it. A change that isn’t seen by the naked eye. It happens within you. You start to believe that this is a brand new start, a fresh way to make yourself a better you. A brand new opening to a journey to better your character, your skills, your hobbies, your relationships, etc.

It sounds all rainbows and fluffiness right now. Don’t you ever wonder why new year’s you and I get so eager filling up our List For This Year’s Resolution, however, it doesn’t come to fruition in the end?

Why A New Year’s Resolution Doesn’t Work (For Most, Anyway)

I mentioned it in this post’s second paragraph. It doesn’t work the way we want it to because you and I subconsciously think that a resolution is all that’s needed to miraculously bring about positive change. We’re not wholly to blame. There’s a magic, okay energy, or better yet, a positive whiff of Here Comes The Sun when the beginning of a year arrives at our doorstep.

Thus, it gives us that spring of anything-can-happen hopefulness. The only problem is that we tend to dwell on the idea of it but don’t follow through with practical action. So, your List For This Year’s Resolution ends up forgotten, desolate, under a pile of books and documents, only to see the light come December.

Should You Stop Making Them, Then?

Not really. They can be helpful if you make them whilst having the right perspective about what they are. Note: they can’t do anything for you, not to burst your bubble and be all negative. Dark clouds a-looming? No, no. I’m simply saying that in the most literal sense. The one that will be doing the work is none other than… drum roll, please… you!

New Year’s Resolution: Why It Doesn’t Work

A new year’s resolution is a checklist of your plans for the year. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. It sparks hope in you (as previously mentioned, too) that you can do things better from here on.

Reality Resolution Check

Again, it isn’t anything close to mystical.  It’s not a mantra or a spell that when you write your plans down on this special sheet of paper, the universe will heed it and poof-them-up for you. You’ll have to do the hard, yet very fulfilling, work of making them happen.

And really, it’s that you ARE able to (to add a little chipper back to what you’re reading *insert emoji hearts or smileys). You came up with each activity, each must-do all on your own. Doing them and doing them well, you can definitely accomplish that, too.

So go ahead and carry on with completing your New Year’s resolution. Just remind yourself, or always remind yourself to follow-through, and actually follow through.

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