Most Effective Time Management Techniques For Students- 5 Ways to Manage

most effective time management techniques

It is often stressful for a student to manage multiple things in school, college, or at home, while they study; many students struggle to find enough time to complete their homework, assignment, and notes that lead them to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Managing time effectively helps students to finish their due work, prioritize tasks, and complete work on time; It makes extra time for them to practice their hobbies and passions. Becoming better at time management allows students to be more confident, organized, learn fast, and fight procrastination. Here are 5 ways of most effective time management techniques for students.

Make a schedule for activities:

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Take a pen & two papers, write down your daily schedule on one paper, and write the things you want to do on the other. Figuring out your schedule can make it easier to manage time, you will clearly see how many hours you get to study, alter activities if you need, manage how many activities you can do for the day, write deadlines beside projects, and your goals for the week.

Set goals for studying each day:

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Having too much to do feels overwhelming when you study, it distracts you from focusing, so begin with setting goals for studying; extract time in the morning, figure out how many hours you can give for important things, and do them first. You can leave the less important activities for a couple of days and do extra studies.

Don’t do more than one thing at a time:

Avoid multitasking because it not only piles up to-do activities but also drains your energy, it makes you feel lazier because you are afraid of the outcoming result from where procrastination grows. If you have enough time, then do the most important thing for that day, it will make you focus on the particular activity.

Make a time limit for entertainment:

Surely you cannot spend the whole day digging deep into your books, taking a break is a good refreshment, check text messages from your friends, watch videos, or your favorite TV show. However, if you are serious about scoring good marks then you should not waste more than a couple of hours entertaining yourself, include some time in your schedule for that.

Don’t compromise with sleep:

Deadlines are worst when you have lots of unfinished work, not having enough sleep can make you tired and exhausted to even work extra on those. So get enough sleep at night, try to get 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep so that you have a fresh mind to start your schedule with. Staying up late at night is a bad idea because it puts pressure on your brain, it only makes you feel more exhausted. If you could not sleep well at night then try getting a nap in the afternoon, a nap will recharge you and give rest to get into studies again.


Most of the time students don’t get enough time to look after their health, it’s important to have a filling meal, a healthy diet, proper hygiene, and maintain cleanliness.

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