More Time Management Gear And Products (Part 2)

Here are more time management gear and products for your use. Also, thank you for keeping up with (not about to say the Kardashians) our posts. And I’m hoping they’ve been helpful to you thus far.

More Time Management Gear And Products (Part 2)

More about what tools to use to improve your time management skills, here’s another piece that’ll show you a few more items that you probably already have which will prove helpful as you go through your tasks day after day.

Time Management Gear: Technology Can Be Your Time Management Best Friend

I won’t be naming brands here but you’ll get the idea for sure. Technology, whether your laptop or your phone, aren’t just for you to browse through social media or check on what’s new on Netflix. They’re not merely a means to pass the time, nor are they only for entertainment. You already know this but I’d just like to hit the point home for the both of us.

When talking about gear and items that can aid you in the proper handling of time, why not look to what’s in front of you. Your gadgets. In the previous post, I’ve mentioned how you can use the timer in your clock app your time interval time management technique. Oof, time, time, time. Said so many times. Expect more (apologizing in advance for this).

Alternative Time Management Gear You Might Already Have

You’ve got your phone calendar where you can save reminders ahead of time. If you’re not one to bring around an actual notebook/ planner/ organizer with you, the phone calendar will work just as well. It will allow you to do the same things such as schedule your activities for the week and categorize your tasks into ones that need immediate attention and ones that can be accomplished a little later.

Then, here’s the big THEN, you’ve got apps. Phone applications that are set with a specific purpose: improved time management. Again, no mentioning of app names here but you can easily Google them. They’ll allow for enhanced organizing and efficient visual cues to remind you and prompt you to complete tasks of the day.

Now Onto More Unlikely Yet Creative Planning And Scheduling Improvement

This next one’s going to sound bizarre and rudimentary. I’m not going to water down their importance, nonetheless. Say hello to… color! Color pens, highlighters, stickers, and more! Many psychologists and time handling experts have said that sometimes, the brain needs a visual boost in order to… visualize how it can work best.

More Time Management Gear And Products (Part 2)

That is the very reason why using color pens, Post It notes, stickers, and other art and crafts products that are eye-catching have been proven effective. They stimulate your nerves into sending excited signals to your brain. Kind of like road signs or traffic lights. They alert you and immediately draw your attention to written (or typed in) activities that require immediate completion.

Why Creativity Plays A Factor In Planning And Organizing Your Tasks

Going back to the previous paragraph, that’s exactly what you should use them for. That’s exactly how to use them. Once you’ve got your task list and/or a calendar filled out, use hints of color and design to signify which ones are more important than others.

Or you can choose to do the opposite. Use bright highlights on tasks that need less attention and therefore are more likely to be ignored and forgotten. So that when your eyes are naturally drawn to their flashy colors, there’s no way you’ll send those tasks to the land of procrastination.

Additionally, having a color-coded and creatively design planner, whether in pages or on your phone, is a way to lift the boredom off of the task of recording… tasks. Right? Right?

If you’re a little skeptical about these, try them out first. Once you do, I’m a hundred percent sure you’ll be wonderfully surprised at how effective they’ll turn out to be!

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