It’s My Life: Chanel Bon Jovi In Proper Time Management

Say it with me, “It’s my life!” For the Bon Jovi fans out there (me included), play those lines in your head. Or on your playlist, if you’re in the mood for some classic rock music (as I am, all day, every day). The lines of their song “It’s My Life.” Specifically, the first two of the chorus. Better yet, let me have you read it off here. I wouldn’t want you to get lost in the awesome that is Bon Jovi and forget to finish reading this post.

It’s My Life: Chanel Bon Jovi In Proper Time Management

It’s My  Life: Heck Yes, It Is!

The chorus goes, “It’s my life. It’s now or never.” Boom. Two sentences. Nine simple words. I counted the contracted words separately. So powerful. So powerfully headbanging and rock-hand-symbol raising! Who am I kidding? Let’s you and I get playing! That is, of Bon Jovi’s albums. Playlist set, streaming, ready. Rocking to their awesomeness.

Before we lose ourselves to music that transcends this generation’s seeming trend, let me get back to the point of the non-argument. Your life and time management. Both are ideas that we often fail to realize are more practical than we imagine.

Life? Really? Yes. Life is a constant, not to sound stupid but also yes, to sound stupid. If you’re breathing, then you’re alive. It’s just there. However, thinking about it, understanding what it means to you to be alive. Pondering on how amazing it is to be you and live like you. These are thoughts that sometimes escape your day to day routine (as it does me, admittedly).

It’s My… Time Management: Heck, Yes, It Also Is!

Then, you have the right idea of time management. That creating a schedule a.k.a. the formula is in itself the solution. There’s no song with that title of course. Just keeping up with the theme of the first. You and I need to internalize (yup, desperately trying to sound profound yet in vain) that managing our schedules and our tasks, or rather, creating a highly organized way to do so isn’t the answer.

I realize that talking about both life and time management is like talking about two roads that aren’t at all parallel with each other. Also, I’m now realizing that using “roads” as a way to metaphorically explain how the concept of “It’s My Life” (Not the song. The idea) and time management are different and still linked to each other.

The Meeting Point

There it is. The roads that intertwine. High five for me finding a way to use the metaphor after all? It’s forced but oh well. The concept of life is that it is yours and that it’s up to you to live it isn’t one that is telling you that it’s alright to be a loose cannon. That you can go berserk with your responsibilities and do whatever.

It’s My Life: Chanel Bon Jovi In Proper Time Management
No. What it DOES allude to is that it’s YOUR life, and therefore       making it better is in YOUR hands. It’s up to YOU. 

Noticed the letter-capitalizations. I had to. I really had to (for my sake). So when it comes to bettering the way you handle what’s on your plate, be it work, school, chores, relationships, skills, and hobbies, you make the call.

I know you made the right one because you’re still going through this post. You’re into fixing your schedule. To be more organized and therefore be more efficient when at work. To learn how to set deadlines for yourself and follow them. At the end of every day, be able to tell yourself that you were the most productive you that you could be before you log out of the office.

Kudos to you for finally drawing the line against bumming around and not caring. Kudos for finally acknowledging that you can do so much more no matter what profession you’re in. That one way to do “more” is to learn proper time management. That way, you’ll learn to be efficient and productive, and be a better you day in and day out.

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