How to Apply Some Time Management Strategies

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There are many different time management strategies. Some of the best strategies are as follows; prioritise, minimize, delegate and reduce. Prioritise is to do with your actions. If you have lots of things to do, then prioritise them. You should be able to tell what needs to get done and what shouldn’t.

Time Management

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Minimise is related to minimising the time and effort. These are similar to prioritising. Other great and popular time management strategies include: divide and manage, focus and block out, close out and finish. These are great and effective management strategies if used correctly and effectively.

Delegate is related to the different time management strategies that we previously discussed. If you have a number of tasks to complete, then you should delegate some of them. For example you could assign someone to do some of the work while you concentrate on completing others or you could simply delegate the task to one person. Another great gtd technique is to write down all your tasks so you can look at them later. By doing this you can see which tasks are done and which ones need to be completed first.

Reduce is related to time management strategies that involve tasks being divided up and finished. It means you should divide up your work into smaller manageable chunks. This will help you to get more done in the same amount of time. Some examples of tasks that are broken down into smaller chunks are: writing a letter, making a spreadsheet, preparing a report etc. Some people like to use the gtd technique after they have done a task.

Top Strategies 


One of the most popular and effective different time management strategies is to use focus and block out. The idea behind focus and block out are to complete all the tasks you have set for the day. If you find that you are becoming distracted you should try and redirect your attention by briefly diverting your attention to something else. Doing this for a few minutes every half an hour will help you to reduce the amount of distractions you experience.

Another one of the different time management strategies that people like to use is to do some creative work. If you find that you are getting sidetracked or are not able to get anything done, you could think about writing a creative work, playing some creative games or even just listening to some music. All of these methods help you to get your creative juices flowing and will keep you from focusing on the problems you have. Many people find that by using creative work they are able to manage their time better.

Self Confidence 

Self-confidence is a vital factor when it comes to time management and it is very important to keep to a schedule. However if you feel that you are being blocked or interfered with in any way, you could consider doing some time management exercises or practicing self-control. These techniques can help you to take control of the tasks you wish to complete and they can also help build up your self-confidence. If you carry out some self-control exercises when you feel that you are being blocked, you will be able to complete more tasks and this can lead to an increase in your self-confidence.


The last of the time management strategies that we are going to look at is the Pareto principle. The Pareto principle is designed to give you an idea of how many different tasks you need to accomplish in order to reach your set objective. If you apply this principle to the tasks you perform each day, it can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend completing these tasks.

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