Home Time Management: Because It All Starts Here

Let’s start with home time management because after all, home is where we’re at when the sun signals the morning to stop hitting the snooze button and get the shizzle up. Not unless you were up and out late and are going home in the a.m. Different story. Home is where it all begins. I swear I was about to write “home is where the heart is”, then stopped myself. Tsk tsk, Oh, the romantic in me. So, going back to business… 

Home Time Management: Because It All Starts Here

There’s Such A Thing As Home Time Management?

There is, though not to say it flatly and in an unclimactic tone. Home time management is basically being able to handle the tasks and the time you spend in your house in a productive manner. By the way, since you’re on this site (and we’re totally grateful you are), you’ll be hearing that word a lot. Just a head’s up. 

This isn’t the exact saying but let me try to paraphrase it in declarative form.

What you have and who you are at home, you carry with you outside, 
whether you’re aware of it or not.

The way you do things, how you manage your chores, the manner in which you plan and organize… these will come into play when you’re at the office. 

The Importance Of Home Time Management

That’s what makes it so significant, handling time when you’re in your house. It’s true that you spend hours and hours per day, per week in the office. Some may even jump on the cliche that they might as well set up camp where they work. However, the truth of the matter is that habits are also formed where you are most of the time. Plus, they’re formed in that same place where you put your guard downs most often, where you’re most comfortable.

Thus, I cannot stress that point any less. If anything, you’ll notice me emphasizing and possibly overemphasizing it every now and then. If you’re looking to create excellent time handling habits and plans where you work, then you’ll have to start doing that when you’re in the comfort of your own home. 

How To Create Proper Time Handling Habits At Home 

First, it’s of utmost importance to set a waking and sleeping time.

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “I’m too grown up for this. Only a child needs something of the sort.” Well, according to experts, adults need to set this kind of system for themselves, too.

Training your body to be awake and at and at em’ when it needs to be ranked at the top of the home time management list. 

Next, set a daily to a weekly schedule and update it every week. Or if changes occur.

Home Time Management: Because It All Starts Here

Also, don’t merely set a schedule. Get crazy-detailed with it! Begin with the time you wake up, breakfast, showering, preparing for the office, and other chores you might have during the day. 

Third, get crazy-detailed for your weekend schedules as well.

You might treat weekends as your I -can-do-anything-I-want-to days. If you’re sincere in forming productivity shaping habits at home, then you’ll need this step, no question. 

Last but not least (Ugh. I can’t seem to get rid of this overused finale phrase), sleep when it’s time to.

No “five more minutes” for yourself. Stop using your phone, switch off your T.V. or your laptop, don’t have anything to eat or drink (besides water) at least 30 minutes before your scheduled slumber time. 

A Bit Of A Break

***Maybe, you can give a pass for yourself. Saturdays should have a schedule set in stone. Leave only Sundays as your “free day.” We’re not that harsh, y’all. 

A Little Encouragement (I Did This, Too, So I Totally Understand Where You’re Coming From) 

Remember, this is all about habit formation.

According to studies, it takes only about 7 days for your mind and body to wrap themselves around things you do consistently and consecutively during that period. 

Only the first few days will be hell. You’ll definitely find yourself getting lured into hitting that snooze button more than once.  You’ll find yourself wanting to spend more time on social media, or watching that series you love online. Your system will fight against structure because you’ve been used to not having one. 

Change that. Change that now. Be the Productive You starting at home, and you’ll change your life for the better.

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