Good Time Management Tips For A Productive Life

good time management tips

Useful time management tips can help anyone to manage their time more effectively. When you know what works best for your life, you will get more done and in the same amount of time. When time management tips tell you to start tracking your activities, you should do so immediately. It is important to track everything you do to ensure you are meeting your goals and making progress towards them.

Determining Your Daily Or Weekly Goals

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The first of the three most crucial time management tips is determining your daily or weekly goals. You need to divide your daily activities into weekly tasks and then identify the 20 percent that is most important. Once you know exactly what you want to get done, you can then figure out how much time you can complete the tasks. This gives you a better idea of how much time you have to complete the tasks you set forth for yourself.


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Another of the time management tips is to prioritize. This means prioritizing your essential tasks by order of importance. If you put the most critical functions at the top of the list, you have more time to complete them. If you put the most important tasks at the bottom of the list, you are less overwhelmed and have more time available to meet the other functions that are not as urgent. This way, you will spend more time working on the tasks you want to do instead of wasting time on unimportant tasks.

Set Short-Term Goals

The third most important time management tip is to set short-term goals. When you reach your plans for the week, you should write down your successes and setbacks along the way. It allows you to see your efforts in a more detailed manner and motivates you to continue your actions even when things look tough. This is a great way to prevent the frustration of accomplishing tasks that take a long time to complete.

Plan Well

The fourth time management tip is to plan. It would help if you created a schedule of your activities to know what you have to do each day precisely. If you have a free afternoon, you can plan to work on some of your tasks during this time. It is very tempting to spend your free time playing with your kids or watching television, but if you can use this time to complete tasks, you will feel more in control and accomplish more. If you have a list of things you must do, you will have a better idea when something comes up, and you won’t procrastinate anymore.

Set Aside Some Time

The fifth time management tip is to set aside time for yourself. The most productive person in the world is the one who takes time for themselves. This includes resting and having a good night’s sleep, taking care of your health, and spending quality time with your family. When you know how to manage your time well, you will never find yourself stressed out or impatient.

Stay Organized

The sixth time management tip is to stay organized. Stay in front of your schedule and write down all the tasks you need to do for the day. Use a color-coding system to separate the essential functions from those that are less important. If you need to make an important phone call, make sure you put it in the pink box. Ensure you put the most critical tasks in the top boxes and the less essential duties in the bottom boxes.

The Last Tip

The seventh time management tip is to be flexible. Sometimes it is impossible to be productive if you are completely stuck on your schedule. Flexibility is a great asset, so you should embrace it whenever possible. For example, if you know you have a big meeting coming up, you should still be able to squeeze in some other essential tasks here and there. Remember, flexibility will allow you to get more done in less time.

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