Enhance Productivity Through Music: Music And Time-Keeping

Enhance Productivity Through Music: Music And Time-Keeping

You can definitely enhance productivity through music. There’s hard evidence that when music is played, the brain is ablaze with sparks. Not to be taken literally, of course. However, observational experimentation has been done on the brain through MRIs and scans and it’s true. Your mind gets excitedly active when sweet tunes come to life through the stereo.

Enhance Productivity Through Music: Move Your Ears, Your Mind, Your Body

It isn’t an urban legend. It isn’t even an old wife’s tale. It’s been proven, with much hard evidence to back it up, that music moves your brain. By move, we mean it enhances the functions of the cerebrum. Incidentally, hello to the brain’s alternative name.

The hippocampus, the part of the cerebrum that controls the way you learn as well as the way you feel and express emotions.

In shorter words, the hippocampus is integral in the way your mind works. It’s literally a thinking muscle that develops knowledge acquisition and growth. At the same time, it keeps you creative and expressive so that you’re not some stoic humanoid who doesn’t feel.

In fact, studies have been created for the purpose of seeing just how the brain reacts to certain things. And for the purpose of this post, we’ll focus on the way it reacts when you hear music. Through those scans and MRI’s mentioned earlier, various parts of it become alive with color. The parts that are directly linked to the auditory cortices.

But Does Music Enhance Productivity?

Yes. It definitely does. Without a shadow of a doubt and with much triumphant gusto. The cerebrum has neurotransmitters called dopamine and its alias is the “happy molecule.” Through its release, your brain sends signals to your senses, being responsible for motivation and mood-balance. Thus, when you’re in a “good mood” and are on a cloud-9 of focus and drive, your mind and body are able to work because stress is virtually absent. Even working more and for longer will feel a breeze.

Enhance Productivity Through Music: Music And Time-Keeping

Second, speaking of stress, listening to music helps decrease the activity of cortisol movement. The latter is a stress hormone. That’s exactly what it’s called and what it does. Although it plays a significant role when it comes to triggering the growth and repair of tissues, too much of it will trigger anxiety. Moreover, anxiety leads to fatigue and negativity. The duo that makes you become less productive.

Music is able to calm down your cortisol levels especially when you need to power down and really get work down. It soothes it— if I can use a less complicated explanation of how it happens that stress is lowered and the spotlight goes to dopamine.

More Benefits… Much More

Third, it improves your memory. As you listen to music, your brain’s hippocampus, along with the cerebellum and the amygdala are heightened. These are parts that trigger memory inducing properties. The more you listen, and the more you exercise your memory (i.e. through reading, actual memorizing of facts and figures), whether consciously or unconsciously, the higher your memorization capability will be.

Additionally, if those three aforementioned parts of the cerebrum are at their heightened state, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and even cardiovascular diseases can be lessened.

***Go ahead and play some music while you work. And while you’re at it, try some brain-power tunes from classical composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and their contemporaries. There are studies that show how the brain functions even better with their masterpieces playing in your ear.

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