Efficient Time Management Tips in the Workplace

time management tips in the workplace

As a professional, you need to be very efficient with your time management if you want to accomplish more in a limited time frame. If you have a team under you, then too, you need to guide them with time management tips for professionals so that they can complete their allotted tasks on time. Here are some time management tips you can make use of.

Time Management Tips

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Below are some strategies which can be applied to each one on a personal level to find out your own perfect schedule or time management method to ensure maximum productivity:

Blocking Time Method

Time blocking denotes the importance of planning your day in advance. You block segments of your working time and dedicate them to specific hours. You need to have a lot of planning and determination to plan your day this way and then ensure that you follow it well.

Prioritize Important Tasks First

It is a good idea to block hours for specific tasks under ‘urgent’ or ‘not so urgent’ categories, so that you know what you need to accomplish in a day. Detailed level of planning generates a good amount of productivity. You need to plan your daily or weekly activities in advance if you want to manage your time well. While making your planner, you should decide which tasks need to be done and when. This is a basic time management skill. But if you have everything neatly jotted in a paper, you will not waste time in thinking or planning. You can set your priorities and then work accordingly.

Taking Frequent Breaks

If you want to raise your productivity levels, then it is best to engage in intensely focused periods and then giving yourself a brief break. This allows you break down a large task into smaller and manageable intervals. The breaks give your brains time to relax so that you can re-engage yourself after the break with greater vigour and determination.

90-minute Sessions of Focussing

The human body operates in a certain rhythm which has slots when you are most energized and slots when you are totally exhausted. A 90-minutes focus session is ideal for the human body to work with full energy and then the body naturally slumps. It is best to take a 20-30 minutes break after your power-packed 90 minutes brain-storming session.

Mixing Various Strategies

Your best productive schedule can also consist of mixing any of the above methods. You should merge time blocking method with the Most Important Task Method (MIT) to get your best productive schedule.

Make a weekly or daily planner for your activities

When you make a weekly or daily planner, you automatically add those tasks that need to be done on an urgent basis. This weekly planner for your activities helps you become more organized and efficient in your work. This way, you can accomplish more in less time and also do well in less time. A daily planner is a must for home or office jobs.

These are some of the best time management tips in the workplace.

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