Effective Management of Nursing Time

Nurses Time Management

In modern nursing, good time management is closely related to patient care, patient safety, and professional work performance of a nurse. Effective time management increases the effectiveness on both professional and personal essential for a professional worker to carry out a task on time. The management and planning for the work are made according to a systematic approach so that it is completed within the planned time. Therefore, time has become a most essential and important factor in nursing care and therefore it is also called nursing time.

Importance of Managing and Scheduling Your Time

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It is very important to manage and schedule time because it is the only thing that could take us from here to there. Our time management also influences how we perform on our jobs, it is because this can affect the overall performance level of each nurse who is involved in managing his or her time.

To manage nursing time, you need to have a clear and comprehensive plan of action. You need to be organized and have a system of priorities. First you should know your responsibilities. Once you have this, you will have to define your priority to achieve those objectives. Your list of responsibilities will include assignments, responsibilities and duties, job descriptions, projects, time constraints and the overall schedule.

In the first step you will have to establish the time. You need to know the total number of hours you are going to spend on each assignment. Also you should establish the amount of time to be spent on each of your tasks and make sure that it is within the assigned time. Then you need to make a schedule for the day. Make sure that all your assignments are done in the specified hours of time so that you do not waste any time.

Prioritize Your Assignment

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Next step is to prioritize your assignments so that you will know the tasks that you need to complete and what jobs you need to delegate to other nurses. The job descriptions will provide you the lists of tasks to complete and these are usually given for the purpose of communication between the nurse and the doctor or the supervisor. This is very important because it will help you to coordinate and make sure that all your assignments will be accomplished in time.

Part one of your schedule is also very important because it will help you in determining the length of the day that you have to complete each job. A complete day of your job will give you less hours, therefore this will make it easier to complete your assignments. If you finish it earlier, it will help you in saving your time. Another thing that is very important is to ensure that you finish your tasks before the specified time so that you will not have to go back to the hospital or the doctor to collect more materials.

Make Notes Always

Another important part of time management is to make notes when you do not feel like completing your work. It is very important to make your notes in a way that it will help you later. You have to make notes when you do not feel like completing your work. This is very important because if you do not make notes, you may forget some information or you may miss some information.

Lastly it is very important to schedule your assignments in a way that it fits your life. If you schedule it for the day or in an hour when you are sleeping or doing something else, it will make it easier to accomplish your assignment and complete it earlier.

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