Creative Time Management Strategies For All

creative time management strategies

Creative Time Management Strategies are very important to the success of any career and to a fulfilling life. As a parent, we are made aware of how much time our kids take and we start to worry about how much time they have to be productive at school and in other activities. Most adults with ADHD have unstructured free time. It can be spent doing what they enjoy or on hobbies, shopping or relaxing with family and friends. It is not unusual for them to check their email ten times in one day or to be interrupted halfway through a conversation for no reason.

Why does this matter? It matters because this unproductive time often leads to little or no goal setting, creative time management strategies and therefore, less achievement for those on the path to success. The creative time management strategies of smart women are the secret to achieving big goals. In fact, many women who possess the qualities of being organized and goal setting would be astounded to learn that the secret to their success is their ability to use creative time management strategies.

Why a creative time management system? A smart woman has learned that it is important to make time management work for her. A smart woman has used these strategies and taken them to the next level by making a time-management system that works for her. The time management system gives her more time for herself and more time to work on the big goals. She has created a schedule that meets all her time objectives.


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Does she have a webinar? She has a webinar where she promotes one of her biggest goals. This webinar is available on a scheduled date each month. Women with creative time management strategies are able to schedule the webinar to suit her life. She can go to the webinar on a Friday afternoon and do her other important things during the week, then come back to her webinar on Tuesday mornings for another action-filled day of promoting her business.

How did she get started with her time management system? She used her cell phone. “I use my cell phone for everything. I make appointments, I send emails, I track my progress and then I schedule my webinars. That’s how I get more done,” said waegemann.

Goal Settings

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Does she set clear goals? She does, she has set very specific, SMART goals that are detailed in writing. “When I first started my time management system, I had no goals at all. I just listed my day goals, I listed my weekly goals, I listed my monthly goals, and I listed my yearly goals,” she said.

Time management systems can help you achieve your goals by helping you set realistic, SMART goals in the first place. And waegemann knows that cell phones can help you reach those goals. “A couple of months ago I changed the name of my cell phone to WAHM. It’s easy to remember and I thought it was kind of funny when my boss gave me a hard time about it,” she said. “Now I call my patients and my cell phones ring on my cell phone when I’m on the phone.”


Of course waegemann doesn’t use her cell phones only for patient care. She loves using her cell phones to promote her business, write emails and track her progress. “I’m a good procrastinator. I have a list and I go through it every day,” she said. “A few weeks ago, I wrote down a list of 50 things that were important to me and set a goal for the coming week to accomplish them.”

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