Brain Fruits And Veggies: Proper Brain Function

You stuck around for our sort-of-PART 3, brain fruits and veggies! PART 2 was all about meat. White and red. In this third section of the 3-part post, we’ll tell you of fruits and vegetables that will amplify your cognitive abilities and thus get you going in keeping your tasks and your schedule alright.

Brain Fruits And Veggies: Proper Brain Function

By alright, I mean working with a heightened focus that screams the force is radically and totally with you.

Getting Used To Brain Fruits And Veggies

Way to make Star Wars psychedelic. My bad. I wasn’t aiming for it but there it is, in the previous paragraph’s last line. Still, the point remains. When you eat right, a.k.a. brain fruits and veggies, your brain works right. When your brain works right, so does your body… work excellently. Thought I’d use the word “right” 4 consecutive times? Three’s the number. Not that it matters here (*insert Emoji going “yikes”).

In order or chronological processing, when your mind and body are juiced up healthily and are working at their peak, you become more productive. More efficient.

More the time-Jedi you ought to be. Earlier it was Marvel. Today, we’re on Star Wars.

If you’re used to getting food-on-the-go and ordering fast food take out because hey, it’s super convenient, then handle the diet change in baby steps. Remind yourself that you’re doing this so you can get your act together at the office or in school.

Your days of being lazy and procrastinating are over. 
Say hello to a new and improved time-Jedi you.

A Mind Trick, It Is Not

Get it… because… Yoda talks in that kind of phrasing? No? I may be a little too excited about getting into the Sci-Fi world and referencing it as I tell you of your green leafy vegetables that will get your neurons working as though it were moving in the speed of light. What I actually wanted to use was the term “light-year” but that would’ve sidetracked us way too far away from the topic of bettering the way you handle time.

Alright. It really isn’t a mind trick. There are certain picks from Mother Nature’s garden that have enzymes and nutrients which can trigger brain power and awaken the force from within (my last one). What’s more, these brain fruits and veggies are super tasty, you’ll definitely want them in your kitchen all the time!

Here are some of our favorites.

What Brain Fruits And Veggies To Eat For Work Efficiency And Productivity

First, go berries. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, the fam. Berries are said to be high in antioxidants and flavonoids. Aside from being agents that fight against free radicals that damage the cells, they’re agents that counteract the effects of aging. Yes, this includes counteracting memory loss.

Also, they assist in oxidative stress. Oxidative stress disturbs the balance of your body’s molecules which carry oxygen. Oxygen is very much needed by the brain in order to function properly. Berries, then, can further support molecules that allow the brain to have the oxygen it requires.

A happy brain that has the right amount of oxygen is a happy brain indeed. A happy brain means a more agile and alert you.

Now For The Veggies

Second, go tomato. Uh-huh. That very ingredient you can easily purchase at any grocery or local market. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which helps in reducing the risk of heart ailments. Additionally, it’s rich in antioxidants that prevent the increase of inflammation-causing free radicals. These specific free radicals may directly affect your mood.

Brain Fruits And Veggies: Proper Brain Function

What does this have to do with work rate and time-handling skills? When your mood is low, it slows down cognitive function. When that happens, you’ll feel demotivated, thus, making you lost a bit of that drive and energy when working. So don’t let your energy and motivation… roll off the table… on the floor. Remember the spaghetti song? Am I the only one?

(We’ve included only two of our favorite ones because let’s start with… slow and steady. Berries and tomatoes can be easily bought. They can be easily used ingredients in any meal!)

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