All About Pomodoro Technique Of Time Management

pomodoro technique of time management

Are you facing difficulty in meeting the timelines? Is it like you working the whole day and still being late?

It is expected if you don’t manage your time correctly. You might have been tired of the time management programs that hardly work.

But Pomodoro’s technique of time management is unique, and it works like magic. You will have a lot of time in your hands. Try this, and you will know.

The literal meaning of the word Pomodoro is tomato in Italian. You start measuring time in terms of tomatoes, and it is much easier. It is a method in which you will have breaks, and that way, you will work beating both the stress and deadline breaking. 

You feel more relieved when you save time, and this technique is very reliable. It helps you out keeping yourself out of the distractions and mental strain.


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It all started when a university student used a tomato-shaped timer for his kitchen and split time into twenty-five-minute intervals, and taking breaks in between. It worked so well that this technique became very popular. You can use it anywhere, irrespective of the task being professional or personal. 

Who Should Use This?

I would say anybody who needs to manage time. 

  • If you are facing difficulty in meeting your school, office, or personal deadlines,
  • If you are a new mom and you have a lot to handle
  • If you are not able to balance personal life tasks
  • If your new business is just sprouting and you are busy all the time
  • If you are suffering to touch the quality line on time.

Or in any way, if you think you need more time in a day, use this technique.


Simply, you can immediately. Whatever you are going through will not affect this technique; you can always benefit from this.

There are five simple steps. 

  • One: Sort your tasks. This is an essential step as you will know what to do and the most important thing to do at that moment.
  • Two: Get yourself a timer and set it for twenty-five minutes.
  • Three: Start working on your task. Work unit until your timer is up.
  • Four: chill and take a break. Relax for five minutes, don’t do anything or do something you love to without straining yourself. Better avoid using the phone, but you can listen to music. This cycle of twenty-five-minute work and fice minute break is one Pomodoro.
  • After such cycles or Pomodoro, treat yourself with a fifteen to thirty minutes break and repeat your Pomodoro cycle.

That is all. It is as easy as that, and it is also very reliable and immensely time conversing. 


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So no more regretting the wasted time, feeling stressed about the deadlines, and no more being late to anything. This technique is a full stop to the stories you weave due to procrastination or late production.

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