5 Useful Time Management Tips for Parents

time management tips for parents

Whether you have one kid or five, it is difficult to manage your time to engage in activities, additionally, if you are a working person then it becomes stressful. Being a parent is surely a hard job, you need to wake up, be ready, prepare meals, get your kids ready for school, do all the cleaning and chores, do your own job, go to the market, help your kids with studies, etc. Especially when you are a single parent or you spend too much time in your work, the common problem is not getting much time for yourself, you find yourself repeating the same thing over and over, in this process, you somehow lose the important things. But worry no more, sit down and follow these 5 amazing tips for time management.

Create routines for a week

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Plan your week earlier, make notes about important things to do, manage time for household chores, limit time for spending on your kids whether it is helping in studies or playing with them, and plan a well-structured routine for the week. This way you will find out where you are having extra hours to do something you love and if you cannot give your kids enough time you can also make a routine for them so it will be easier to manage everything.

Share household responsibilities

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The best time management tips for parents is to share household work and other family responsibilities with each other, this way one person will be excluded from the heavy roles they have always been taking and it will be easy and faster to work this way. Moreover, you can teach some responsibilities to your kids, share chores with them, ask them to make their own beds in the morning, clean their own plates, help in shopping, etc. If one parent is late at work then another can easily cook the meals, if one parent is unable to help the kids with homework then another must help.

Make meals ahead of time

Getting up and making breakfast in the morning can be a tough job if you had a busy day before or you stayed up late for some work. The best solution for this is to prepare something the night before, be it for lunch or breakfast, just cut vegetables and put them in the refrigerator or make the pancake batter at night and store it for the morning. You can also make microwave-friendly meals for a day and store them in the freezer, just take them out, put them in the microwave and serve.


Don’t engage in extra activities and waste your time, you can keep them for the weekend or an off-day. Parents should not compromise on the physical health and mental well being of themselves as well as their kids, so take a break, sit with them and discuss. Similarly, don’t make your kids eat too much processed foods or canned food because you cannot prepare fresh meals at home, you can assign a caretaker for them if you find yourself caught in responsibilities.

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