5-Minute Technique In Time Management: Truth Or Myth

What do you think of the 5-minute technique in handling time? Time after time (Wordplay intended. Song lyric association intended as well), people come up with solution after solution (seeming “solutions”, to say the least) for the one problem that everybody in every corner of the world has come across.

5-Minute Technique In Time Management: Truth Or Myth

It’s perennial and spatial and all the other related words you can think of that end with the same letters of the alphabet. How to be better at time management. Time and time again, we fail at it. Here’s how we can finally win at it.

The 5-Minute Technique Failure At Time Management

It’s a thing. It’s a thing no matter where you’re from and what profession you’re in. There’s always a reason, an excuse to be more specific, that gets in between you and your supposed task at hand. One thing or another, and another, and yet another comes up just when you’re about to start doing something you’re supposed to accomplish within the day.

Or maybe this next situation will sound more familiar to you. You go on the internet and look for the best rated time management tips. After scanning through the top links on your Search Engine’s first page, you finally pick one that you feel is more “for you.” You hype yourself up, set your mind to do every single thing written on there. Then you make the decision to start. Tomorrow.

In Relation To Procrastination…

That last word, “tomorrow”, is the pitfall. No matter what system of time management, no matter the strategy, the moment you tell yourself that you’ll do it tomorrow, that’s the end of it. You’ll never be able to get on with that grand idea of finally doing something about the way you manage time and the tasks you have day by day.

However, the story doesn’t end there, don’t worry. The tips and solutions you’ve read about and heard of are probably effective. It just takes for you to have a “now” attitude. Do it now. Don’t wait until tomorrow to try it out. It will make all the difference in the world.

The 5-Minute Technique As A Time Management Strategy

5-Minute Technique In Time Management: Truth Or Myth

Now we get to the details. You’re already in the right mindset. You need to act “now”. No more postponing. One of the strategies you can use is the 5-minute timer. This works especially well for tasks that don’t have a very far off deadline. Tasks that have a short timeframe in terms of completion.

It’s actually very simple, so simple that the next sentence will start with a similar word. “Simply” set your phone’s timer to a five-minute repetition. This way, it will ring every 5 minutes. This will help you help yourself work faster. How? You’ll be doing your tasks with the thought that the 5-minute alarm is right around the corner ready to catch you.

Practical Application And Implications For Work Rate

This is especially helpful for those of us who are quickly distracted and have short spans of attention. With a timer at-hand set to ring every 5 minutes, you’ll be challenged to put your best foot in the moment the timer starts. Our mind will get that kick, allowing the rest of your body to function well. All so that you can do as much work as you can every 5 minutes.

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