4 Nursing Time Management Tools You Can Use

time management skills in nursing

Many nurses are under the impression that they can’t be successful unless they have nursing time management tools. They believe they need to study more, read more and take more tests in order to excel. This is simply not true. There are countless books on the subject of nursing, as well as thousands of articles on the subject written by qualified individuals. All one needs to do is acquire the proper nursing time management skills in order to excel in this profession.

One of the first steps to take when it comes to nursing time management is to stop trying so hard. Many individuals tend to think that they need to push themselves beyond what their bodies are capable of doing. They feel that if they exercise more, work out more or eat a healthier diet that their bodies will thank them. However, this is rarely the case. In fact, the opposite is true.

A Regimen You Need To Start Slowly

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When you start a regimen you need to start slowly. If you have been working out for an extended period of time, your body will have had ample time to get back into shape. If you start out too quickly, your body will have no time to adjust to the new level of activity.

Another nursing time management tool you should use is to reduce stress. If you become too worried about things going wrong or failing you can’t give your full attention to your patients. This often results in a decreased level of patient care. Try to remain calm and centered so that you can give your patients the attention they deserve.

Time Management Is Even More Important

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In today’s fast paced world, time management is even more important than it was just several years ago. You may find yourself juggling between several clients while working on one. With the many distractions available, there is no room for in-depth nursing care. Give yourself time to focus on one client at a time. Leave one on hold while checking the status of another and return to completing your other tasks.

If you are a parent, one of the nursing time management tools you should make use of is a calendar. Scheduling your child’s naps is one area where a calendar can come in handy. Using the calendar, you can see who needs to be home overnight or if a visit by a patient is rescheduled to another day.

The Way You Budget Your Time

One of the most important nursing time management tools you can use involves the way you budget your time. Knowing how much you have to spend each day can help you make reasonable estimates about what you can do. You don’t always have the money available to cover all of your patient care needs. With good time management, you can cut down on unnecessary expenses and still provide quality care for your patients.

Nursing time management tools that include a budget are particularly helpful because they allow you to evaluate how your finances are doing and what you can do to improve it. The last of the nursing time management tools involves communicating effectively with your staff. Your nurses and doctors depend on you to tell them what is going on in your hospital.


However, if you are not sending out clear messages, you may be wasting everyone’s time. Choose the words you use carefully and consistently so you send the right message to your team members. It can be frustrating at times to work in a department that seems to have no common sense, but with the right communication skills, you can get the job done.

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