3 Healthy Foods For Productivity At Work

Healthy foods for productivity, there’s a cliché I really don’t want to quote but need to because I don’t think there’s any other like it. One that’s simple, short, and hits you straight in the bones. Or in the gut, since we’ll be talking about food.

Give me a moment to sigh as I’m quoting it anyway: you are what you eat. Don’t roll your eyes just yet. Here’s a different take on it, and also, this PART 2 is only the first half of our full list so stay, err, on?

You Are What You Eat: Food For Productivity

Here’s a quick recap of what’s mentioned in this post’s PART 1. There is NO miracle food, no pill, no drink that will magically fix your schedule and make you’re a time management guru in… no time. There are no quick fixes. This is true not only with regard to handling time but with everything else you want to better in your life.

Always remember that you are as Thor is to Mjolnir. The hammer simply aided the Norse god and Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero however it was Thor himself, on any occasion, who wielded it. He did the hard work. “Hard work” being an understatement for one of my favorite Marvel characters. He himself was both the hero and the weapon. Mjolnir is a weapon, but you know what I mean.

You and I are nowhere close to Norse gods nor are we anywhere close to the out-of-this-world-awesome icons of the MCU. I only wish. Oh, do I wish. Okay, focusing on the topic at hand now. We are powerful in our own right.

So long as we channel our wills and act upon them, there’s nothing 
in this world we cannot achieve.

Especially when it comes to working at our peak.

I’m sorry but I just can’t help it with the cheesy lines, sometimes. Oftentimes. Just like Mjolnir though not exactly like Mjolnir, there are eats you’d want to include in your list of ingredients for your meal plans. That’s me forcefully trying to relate healthy food (for brain-boosting, and thus improvement of time management) and the Marvel superhero.

Anyway, read on to find out what they are.

3 Types Of Food For Brain Juice

Under the sea is where to go. Well, not really, but yeah. Fish. To be more specific, salmon. Salmon is known to carry a lot of Omega-3. I know what you’re thinking, Omega-3 helps lower cholesterol and keeps the heart-healthy. That’s true. On the other hand, it also assists in helping the brain work better and faster than average.

3 Healthy Foods For Productivity At Work

Add tuna to the mix as well. Just like salmon, tuna is filled with Omega-3 fatty acids. What I’d like to point out here is the fact that its memory-strengthening. For you to keep up with your tasks at the office or in school, your mind has to stay sharp, all day, every day.

Your body won’t function well if your brain is tired and out of energy. Thus, following through with your well-organized schedule will be far-fetched folklore that can’t be bound to reality (still not tired of relating it to the Norse god of Thunder).

However, with salmon’s brain-enhancing enzymes and tuna’s memory-strengthening feature, you can work with a clear head. You’ll be able to easily focus on tasks and complete them quickly, with time to spare.

The Right Red Meat

To add, chomp down on roast beef once in a while. It’s isn’t the easiest to cook. Preparation alone requires much time. Still, think of it as a delicious reward for yourself, for doing such a great job following the time management technique you’ve chosen for yourself. This is me hinting at the posts we have regarding this. So yes, there’s more than one to choose from.

3 Healthy Foods For Productivity At Work

Back to roast beef, this red meat aids in faster cognitive processing. Furthermore, it’s effective in allowing you to focus more. That’s right! More focus means more work done. That’s our shortlist for brain function-enhancing meats. Check out our next post for fruits and veggies you’ll want to have, for an extra productivity boost!

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